Management Team

Recent Awards


DOE Phase 1 SBIR 2015: Radiation Hard GaInP SPAD Arrarys


NAVY Phase 1 STTR 2015:  Ultra Scaling of SPAD Arrays for High-Speed Laser Ranging

LightSpin accepted into START-UP NY


Governor Cuomo announced LightSpin Technologies was accepted into Start-Up NY and will relocate its R&D facilities to the Innovative Technology Complex at Binghamton University. 

Recent News

World Leader in Compound Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices


LightSpin Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2001 to develop and commercialize high performance compound semiconductor components. Through a systematic development approach, LightSpin has demonstrated superior III-V photodetector technology and the world’s fastest thin film photorefractive device. Our team has extensive experience designing and developing optoelectronic devices. The management team has successfully taken products from prototype into mass production. LightSpin has an excellent track record with the SBIR program and other R&D initiatives working across multiple government agencies.


Photomultiplier Chip™


LightSpin's GaAs SPAD (Single Photon Avalanche Diode) Array achieves a single photon detection efficiency of 5% at a dark count rate of less than 7 Mcps/mm2 and with optical cross talk below 2.5%.  Individual GaAs SPAD elements have demonstrated a rise time of less than 200 ps, and monolithic GaAs SPAD arrays have demonstrated sub-ns rise times and full width half maximums, making these devices suited for a wide range of Photomultiplier replacement applications.

About Us

Eric S. Harmon, Ph. D., CTO

Expert in III-V compound semiconductor photodetectors and HBT’s


Jared H. Bowling, President & COO

19 years of operations management and start-up experience


Richard J. Clayton, Chairman

Venture Capitalist and 30 years of operations experience at DEC and Thinking Machines

Mike N. Naydenkov, Ph. D, Sr. Engineer

15 years experience developing semiconductor devices and IR detectors


David B. Salzman, Ph. D, 1958-2011

Founder, CEO & President

Serial entrepreneur and inventor